Geneve/Fribourg Entrepreneurship Forum

Message from the Chair

Conference Chair

Rico Baldegger

As the esteemed Director and Professor of Strategy, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship at the School of Management Fribourg (HEG-FR), Switzerland, Prof. Baldegger has contributed significantly to academic realms while leaving an indelible mark in the entrepreneurial landscape.

As the conference chair of the Geneve/Fribourg Entrepreneurship Forum, I am excited to announce that we are heading to the heart of Europe - Switzerland, this year.

Ranked as one of the world’s most inventive countries, Switzerland’s prominence in country competitiveness is unparalleled. Its saga is steeped in groundbreaking political governance, impressive neutrality, creative entrepreneurship, and an unwavering emphasis on education – a story that indelibly marks its people and its place in the world.


Our Swiss sojourn will unfold at two iconic locations – the esteemed United Nations in Geneva and the School of Management Fribourg (HEG-FR) in Fribourg, nestled close to the capital city, Berne. These destinations encapsulate the classic European charm, deftly blending the old with the new, tradition with innovation, and do so against a backdrop of intrinsic beauty, untouched by time. Here in Geneva and Fribourg, we will explore the tapestry of innovation, culture, history, gastronomy, and breathtaking natural wonders.


HEG-FR, a distinguished institution with a strong entrepreneurship, SMEs, and sustainability ethos, affords us an incomparable platform to engage with a dynamic ecosystem encompassing entrepreneurs, policymakers, academics, and future generations. The conference is designed to foster dialogue, foster new friendships, and catalyze the sharing of research and practical experiences.


Our inaugural forum aims to stimulate spirited and friendly discourse amongst participants from diverse international backgrounds and entrepreneurship and SME research fields. To align with the theme, we have curated a lineup of keynote speakers who will shed light on the future of entrepreneurship and the pivotal role of MSMEs in shaping our global society.


Our rendezvous begins with a warm welcome reception on Wednesday, June 26, 2024, with the official conference sessions commencing for most participants on Thursday, June 27, 2024, at the UN in Geneva. The subsequent day’s agenda is filled with comprehensive research workshops, teaching cases, competitive sessions, and the GEM Switzerland report unveiling at the HEG-FR. We end our academic journey with a lively barbecue in the quaint old town of Fribourg. Come Saturday, June 29, we have organized a sightseeing tour of the scenic Fribourg region.


Please refer to the Geneve/Fribourg Entrepreneurship Forum website ( for detailed information about travel and accommodation. Please make your reservations well in advance, as Fribourg is a much-favored travel destination during the summer.


On behalf of the entire organizing team, I extend a cordial invitation for you to partake in this stimulating academic exchange. I eagerly anticipate welcoming each one of you to Switzerland.


Yours sincerely,

Prof. Rico J. Baldegger,

Conference Chair